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Welcome to the Internet Basics website. We're here to guide you through some of the concepts to help you get the most out of the internet.

What this website is for

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the internet, or looking to build on what you already know so that you're more confident, comfortable and safe. You'll find what you need to get started here.

How to use this website

On this website you'll find easy-to-follow video guides as well as the full text transcript of the video, called 'text guides'.

There are guides for four main topics.

  • Topic 1 covers some of the things you might like to do on the internet.
  • Topic 2 covers what you need to know to get started using the internet, followed by
  • Topic 3 staying safe on the internet.
  • Topic 4 covers where you might access the internet, as well as how you can choose an internet connection plan for connecting to the internet at home.

Navigating this website

To choose a topic, you can select one of the four menu items on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once you've chosen a topic, you can pick which video you'd like to watch by selecting the video from the video menu below the video player.

The full transcript for each video is provided as a text guide under the video player.

You can also just look at the text guides by selecting 'All text guides' from the left-hand menu.

If you're new to the internet, you can watch all the videos starting at topic 1.

If you come across words that are new for you, you can look them up in the 'Internet terms explained' section. This is also on the left-hand menu.

And if you're looking for something in particular, you can use the website search or the index.

The index lists all the topics covered and you can select the link to take you straight to the video or text guide you're looking for.

Using assistive technology

This is an accessible website.

If you're using a type of assistive technology to use the website, then you shouldn't have any problems.

Getting started

Each topic starts with a website helper audio or text guide.

The helper will introduce the topic to you and explain how to use the video player. You can play the helper audio guide, read the helper text guide, or skip straight to the first video.

I hope you enjoy these guides and that your internet experiences are safe and enjoyable.